Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SKR Kit Now Available

Marvelo is now offering the SKR in kit form.

The kit includes the following items:

*Complete carbon fiber monocoque/shell with front and rear access covers, and hinged cockpit hatch finished in your choice of paint colour.

*Front suspension struts and control arms pre-installed.

*90 mm front drum brakes, cables and lever pre-installed.

*Complete tiller steering assembly pre-installed.

*A pair of 20" front wheels (less tires & tubes)

*Aluminum bottom bracket slider tube pre-installed.

*Adjustable bottom bracket shell with clamps and front dérailleur mount.

*Choice of single or double sided carbon swingarm and shock pre-installed.

*Rear axle, wheel hub and freehub body if ordering the single sided swingarm.

*Chain idlers and tubes pre-installed.

*Carbon seat with mounting hardware.

*A pair of carbon front wheel covers.

Price for the kit is $7,400 CAD

Aramid (Kevlar) lined cockpit $200 CAD
Cockpit Canopy/Hood $500 CAD

We believe the Marvelo SKR makes an excellent kit because of the easy access to all interior areas of the shell and it accommodates a wide range of drive-train options.

                                                                     Photo of rear access with rear wheel enclosure removed.

The kit allows an owner complete customization right from the start.

Here is a list of the minimum amount of parts you would need to acquire and install to get an SKR kit on the road:
*Crankset, bottom bracket and pedals
*Front and rear dérailleurs, cassette and/or IGH or dual drive hub 
*Shifter cables with housing and shifters
*Tires and tubes
*Rear wheel built up from supplied hub or from your own hub choice if ordering the double sided swingarm

Other items you would likely want to add are a battery, electrical wiring, lights and electronics.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Easy Access

Marvelo SKR with front and rear access hatches removed and cockpit hatch hinged 3/4 open.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Construction of the vacuum infused, carbon monocoque continues on with loading the remaining fabric and core materials.

Core material applied to the sides makes the SKR's shell extremely stiff and as a bonus the core reduces interior noise levels.

The circular cut-outs in the core allow for maximum shoulder width.

Aluminum tapping plates laid out on a section of core to accept the mounting of rear suspension components and the rear power idler

All of the aluminum tapping plates are sandwiched between layers of E-glass.

 Strips of unidirectional carbon are added in the floor area of the nose to strengthen the edges of the foot-hole cut-outs.

 Integrated stringer-beam provides exceptional drive-line rigidity and strength.

Aluminum square tube rail for the sliding bottom bracket mounts to the top of the stringer-beam.

Rear power idler in situ.

Steering tiller in situ.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Carbon Copy

Final preparation of the moulds is completed with the installation of various inserts and masking off areas to be kept free of gelcoat.

Inserts for the unique, integrated front half rear wheel housing, as well as the circular relief for the rear dérailleur access panel.

 Gelcoating the right side half mould.

 Integrated bridge area between the front wheel-wells allows full access to all steering and suspension linkages from below via a removable bottom panel.

Material loading for the vacuum infusion process begins with the first layer of dry carbon fabric.